The sea is calm, surf rolling a gentle wash against the reef. Sunset echoes the breaking clouds, tired from their busy day. Bird voices ring to each other from the tops of the swaying palms.

Dusk settles a gentle mantle over the Isle of Qamea, closing another day. Divers compare their adventures at the Purple Wall or Maria's Cove, whilst the less daring snorkelers smugly praise the wonders they beheld. Overflowing energy of some have braved the hills, exploring beaches.

Honeymooners, all mix easily through gathered from far reaches of the world. Canberra, Tokyo, San Francisco, Gold Coast and the little known Sonoita. Others yet unmet arrive in the day and the ami from Italy just departed. All on a first name basis with the Fijian staff, who shriek with laughter, comforting their new found friends with dancing and prancing service.

At night the Kava flows, as does the wine and then delicious dining. A medley of guitars and tenor voices twitch everyone's toes to the beat. Voices, in their various accents hum from the tables trading their life styles. And the newlyweds isolate themselves in the romantic corner.

Eyelids finally droop, bodies sated with the pleasures of the day require rest to ready them for the next dawn only an octet of hours away on the Isle of Qamea.

Frederick Fisher - Sonoita, Arizona

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