Our activities coordinator is forever thinking of new and special activities depending on the season, weather, and interests of our guests. Some recent examples of activities organized by the activities coordinator include:

LAIRO CRAB HUNTS - Qamea is known throughout Fiji as the home of the Lairo crab - a very special (and tasty) land crab species that live in the steep hills and mountains of Qamea Island. During the full moon our activities coordinator accompanies guests at sunset to hunt for the Lairo as they make their way to the shoreline. You can be assured of a very tasty Lairo crab entree for lunch the following day.

GUIDED JUNGLE HIKES AND BIRD WATCHING - The mountains and valleys of Qamea Island are a maze of greenery and dense tropical bush. An ancient network of paths crisscross the island, but it takes an experienced guide to find one's way. This jungle hike will immerse you in a tropical rainforest beneath a canopy of towering trees - it is amazing. Along the way your local guide will explain to you the history of the Island of Qamea, point out different species of flora and fauna such as the indigenous Qamea orange dove, and answer any questions you might have.

STAFF AND GUEST VOLLEYBALL - Once or twice a week our staff get together for an hour of volleyball at the end of the work day. Guests are always encouraged to join in the fun, but watch out, you are not likely to winů

HAND LINE FISHING - This is a traditional way for villagers to fish for their meals just along the edge of the reef at low tide. One of our staff will accompany you to the reef not far from our resort and teach you the art of Fijian hand line fishing. With any luck you will return to the resort with dinner, which could include fish such as the long nose emperor, sweet lips, baracuda, and travelly.

SEA KAYAKING - New professional sea kayaks are available at the resort and are free of charge. It is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon skimming in and out of secluded Qamea Island bays viewing the coral and tropical fish. For trips of more than a few hours, our activities coordinator can plot out an itinerary for you and let you know the scenic stops and villages along the way, in addition to making sure you have a picnic lunch to enjoy on a secluded beach. We can provide a gourmet picnic lunch which you can enjoy on one of Qamea's secluded beaches.

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