"THE ROCK" - Vertical wall from surface dropping to over 100ft. Sea grapes, some soft corals, but more hard corals, large schools of small tropicals, occasional white tip sharks and turtles. Currents can be fast during Full and New Moons. Depth: 40-75'.

"THE FANS" - Large gorgonian sea fans, soft corals, and anemones with anemone fish galore. Large schools of fusiliers when dived during faster currents. Have seen mantas here. Depth: 25-75'

"NUKU BAY" - Easy shallow dive with a large pinnacle covered with soft corals. Sightings of turtles somehow more frequent here. Currents mild. Depth: 35-55'

"THE CAVES" - Large cavern at 25' and a swim through "tunnel" in the reef at 20' at opposite ends of this dive. Many soft corals, large tridacna clams, healthy hard corals. Usually excellent visibility due to distance from land. About 20 minutes from QBC. Currents mild. Depth: 20-65'.

"BROKEN REEF" - Usually good visibility. Large schools of small tropicals, healthy hard corals, clams, regular sightings of white tip reef sharks. Currents usually mild. Depth: 40-70'.

"CHIEFS GARDEN" - Also in the same reef system as "The Caves", "Broken Reef" and the "Playground". Good vis., healthy hard coral reef. Occasional white tips and turtles. Gentle drift. Depth: 40-80'.

"THE PLAYGROUND" - Similar to "Chief's Garden" but more of a spur & groove formation. Patch of garden eels. Usually excellent visibility. Mild current. Depth: 40-80'.

"CORAL GARDENS" - Healthy hard coral reef system with some soft corals usually with superb visibility. Large tridacna clams common as well as large schools of fusiliers. Enormous 12 ft. brain coral at end of dive on incoming tide. Depth: 35-75'

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