"MARIAS COVE" - Mild to moderate current depending on time of month. One wall is thick with concentrations of soft corals, large patch of garden eels, frequent sightings of resident 6 foot white tip shark, and swirling schools of striped mackerels feeding off the drop-off. Depth: 35-65'.

"SWIRLING COCONUT" - (Vara Niu is Fijian name; also known as "Still Waters"); currents can be swift. Exciting and fish active drift. Descend among a school of chevron barracudas, lush soft corals, numerous large schools of tropicals. White tips common. Mid-way, the dive swirls around two large pinnacles with large concentrations of purple soft corals and swarms of orange anthias. At the end of dive, there are 2-3 baby white tip sharks resting in the sand under a large coral head. Depth: 40-75'.

"LONG BEACH POINT" - Easy drift until the turn around the point. Current gradually increases and can be swift. Soft corals, many feather star crinoids clinging to sea fans. Depth: 40-75' 14."Barracuda Pinnacle": Offshore reef so visibility is usually good. Another very fish active dive along a healthy reef that includes a steep vertical wall. Sightings of schooling barracudas fairly common with large schools of tropicals and jacks. Large walu are also seen. Depth: 40-90'.

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