"PURPLE WALL" - Actually three separate vertical walls with thick concentrations of purple soft corals. Currents can be fast but therefore the fish activity is great. Have seen more banded sea snakes here than other sites. Depth: 45-65'.

"QAMEA FREEWAY" - Starts near the resort with a sloping wall. Then a right turn and a racing drift over a sandy patch with hard coral bommies. Large schools of tropicals and sightings of white tip sharks are common in the sand. Dive finishes with a gentle drift up the reef. Whew! Depth: 45-80'.

"SUTHU" - A large pinnacle resembling a woman's breast begins at 30 feet. Large schools of tropicals. Currents can be strong and change as divers circle the pinnacle. Best dived at slack low tide. Depth: 30-70'.

"LOST REEF" - Another large pinnacle near Suthu. Top of reef is also 30 feet but slopes down to over 100 feet. A school of chevron barracuda are usually seen. Divers are engulfed in large schools of fusiliers and jacks as they cascade over the top of the pinnacle. Large sea fans and soft corals abound. Currents are similar but a bit stronger than at Suthu. Large colonies of blue tipped anemones with anemone fish on the lee side of pinnacle. Depth: 30'-90'.

"SOUTH PASSAGE" - Divers are dropped off at the outer edge of the fringing reef on the southern side of Qamea. A short swim underwater across a sand patch to a parallel reef. Divers follow along the top drifting with a mild current. Sea grapes abound, white tip reef sharks are common and large schools of shy, bumphead parrot fish occasionally cruise by. Depth: 45-80'.

"SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK" - In many areas hard coral is prevalent on top the reefs. Here you'll find many anemone and clownfish, large schools of silvery jacks and the coral trout (grouper). Several species of butterfly fish can be found as they feed on the hard coral polyps in the shallow reef areas.

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