We strongly encourage guest feedback - because it is not only our 'report card' of how we are doing, but more importantly, provides valuable guidance on how to make our resort the ultimate true South Pacific experience for future 'Qameans'. Below are comments emailed to us by guests that have recently stayed at our resort. Please feel free to request the contact details of any of these former guests if you would like to communicate with them directly. We genuinely invite all former guests to send in their comments and reviews so we can share them with others. Vinaka vaka levu, Ron & Bryce and the team at Qamea!

"RE: COMMENDATION OF STAFF I felt compelled to write and highly commend the staff at Qamea Resort and Spa. Despite the lack of printing material available to me at this time, I hope you can accept this letter as a formal expression of gratitude for the most friendly and efficient service received during my week's stay at the resort. Thank you to the groundsmen/gardeners & porters who were always there to lend a helping hand. Their laughter while they worked always brought a smile to my face, and they maintain the grounds so beautifully & lush. Thank you to the ladies who kept our room so clean and well stocked and were so timely to prepare the beds before bedtime. I was particularly impressed with how they returned my laundry so clean, fresh and folded in less than 6 hours! Thank you to Sake who brought humour to our visit, and guided us on fun & interesting trips. The bar & restaraunt staff were always so pleasant in their greetings and friendly in their manner. The chefs filled our tummies with delicious as well as nutritional food. It was so lovely to meet you the managers, and Bryce (owner) - thank you for the effort you take in making all the guests feel so welcomed. I would like to make a special commendation to Filo and Salome who work so diligently at the Spa. Our bure was located directly next to the Spa and we were amazed at their unrelenting service to the guests. We received massages, facials and all forms of body and beauty treatments from Filo and Salome - each session they obviously placed significant time and effort in. As I myself work in the health and therapy area, their work and dedication to their job can really be said to be outstanding. I hope they are well acknowledged and remunerted. I am sure to have forgotten to mention many others who deserve a recommendation, buy my holiday brain has failed me. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to ALL the staff. Vinaka Vakalevu!!! I will be sure to reommend your wonderful resort to my friends and travel agency in Australia."
J. Azuria, Australia -June, 2005

"My husband and I recently spent a glorious month on Qamea Resort and Spa. We had many celebrations there; our wedding, honeymoon, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and my birthday. On each instance the Qamea team surprised and delighted us. We originally booked a Bure for a week and then decided to stay an extra two days before going to a private house we rented on another Fijian Island. Within a day of arriving at the house, I phoned one of Qamea’s co-owners, Ron, and asked if there was space for us to return! We were so spoiled by the Qamea experience that we were back within 24 hours. We knew we were not alone in our love for Qamea as we met a lot of guests during our month stay and some had visited other Fijian resorts prior to visiting Qamea and all their feedback was the same; Qamea provided a preferential level of service, accommodation and surroundings compared to other properties. We stayed in both the Beachfront Bure and Premium Villa (only two months old). Both were superbly decorated, modern and romantic. On our arrival we received a lovely Pure Fiji gift pack filled with luxurious lotions and body scrubs, along with a Fijian sulu (sarong) and bottle of champagne to welcome us. There was no huge foyer with a Reception where you had to stand in line to ‘check-in’, we were simply escorted to our Beachfront Bure which was adorned with fresh hibiscus and orchids. The beds were incredibly comfortable and the outdoor shower was stunning and although it was ‘outdoors’ the thatched roof and high walls ensured privacy. At the Premium Villa there was both an in and outdoor shower, although we preferred the beauty of the former. The Villa also offered a plunge pool to cool off after sunbathing in the hammock or an intimate midnight swim. Our first celebration was our wedding ceremony. We would strongly recommend Qamea for anyone interested in an island wedding. All we basically had to do was ‘show up’. We sat with Sia over breakfast, the wedding planner, decided on our cake, where on the island we would like the ceremony situated and whether or not we’d like Fijian warriors and a flower girl to escort me out, it took less than 15 minutes. A photographer was organized on our request prior to our arrival. The day was romantic and stress free! Qamea is excellent at delighting their guests offering Fijian mekes, kava ceremonies, a Fijian choir on Xmas Eve and fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Nothing was a problem for them. For my birthday Robert requested my favorite foods which they set up on our deck and at the end of the meal some of the team brought down a beautiful chocolate cake and the Qamea band serenaded us with beautiful Fijian songs and Happy Birthday. I would have to say it was the BEST birthday I’ve ever had. This was after being taken to a secluded beach for a picnic lunch. Other resorts often charge for these ‘extra’ activities. But not Qamea. Qamea also offered a range of island delights which included; fantastic snorkeling on the reef surrounded by hundreds of colorful tropical fish – all just meters from our front door. We kayaked to nearby beaches, were taken by boat to romantic picnic lunches on secluded beaches, participated in mekes (Fijian celebrations), Kava ceremonies, wine tastings and village tours. All these were part of the Qamea experience. In addition, there were paid activities such as diving, Robert experienced an amazing night dive just minutes from the Resort. I had relaxing massages and invigorating facials at the spa as well as doing one of the many reasonably priced tours on offer to the International Date line, visit to Fiji’s oldest church, natural water slide and waterfalls. The food was also magnificent. For breakfast we could choose whatever we desired, from fruit, cereal, freshly baked muffins to a cooked breakfast of eggs, sausage and bacon or my favorite, French toast and paw paw or banana pancakes. Lunch and dinner options were presented to us the evening before and we placed our preferences at breakfast. Lunch usually started with a salad and then a selection of two mains, topped off by ice cream or fresh fruit. Dinner offered a choice from two starters and two mains and a delicious dessert. I have to say, the food was incredibly fresh and the meat and seafood was up there with the finest restaurants. It was also never a problem when we occasionally strayed from the menu and requested a seafood stir-fry or pizza. When seeking a resort for our marriage and honeymoon we contacted many luxury properties, Qamea was the only one who responded quickly and proactively and it was one of the reasons we chose them. Qamea is exactly what my husband and I were seeking to make an amazing and memorable start to our married life. It was a secluded, romantic island that provided an intimate experience for couples (children under 12 are not permitted unless the entire resort is booked). Apart from the idealic setting, romantic air-conditioned accommodation, range of activities and sumptuous meals it was the people that made Qamea the jewel it is. Thank you to (co-owners) Ron and Bryce and the rest of the Qamea team who we greatly enjoyed spending time with. We witnessed many couples leave its shores with tears in their eyes as the Fijians gathered to sing their beautiful farewell song. I was definitely one of them and we look forward to a return visit."
Belinda, Sydney, Australia -January, 2005

"Bula from Houston! We just returned from a honeymoon in Fiji. The first half of our trip was spent at Qamea and the second half was spent back on the main island of Fiji off of the Coral Coast. Staying at Qamea definitely made our trip unforgettable. We loved the personal touches that the resort had to offer and these were all because of the wonderful Fijian staff members. The meals were superb and the beachside massages, scrubs and facials were the best we ever had. (Our next massage will not be the same only being able to listen to a CD of the ocean because at Qamea we had the real thing!) We absolutely loved the excursions that were available while staying at Qamea. Because of the size of the resort we were not ushered onto a bus with a hundred other people and made to stay on a strict schedule. We truly enjoyed being given a personal tour guide who could explain the Fijian culture and allowed us to set the pace of our day! I do not think we truly realized how much we enjoyed staying on Qamea Island until the day before we were to leave the island and move onto our next destination. We enjoyed a private dinner at our bure and skipped breakfast knowing that I would not be able to say goodbye to the wonderful guests we met. We enjoyed sharing many meals and great conversations with many of them. The staff did an exceptional job embracing us into their Fijian family. They did so much with an effortless sincerity that made our trip to Qamea truly unforgettable. Since I had planned a very quiet departure relatiely early in the morning, the Isa Lei [Fijian good-bye song] departure that was waiting for us was an experience we were not expecting and will never forget. I cried for the next two hours and every time I share the details of our treasured honeymoon. This was a trip of a lifetime that we will definitely take again. Vinaka"
Gina & Michael, Texas -December, 2004

"Bula Everyone, Jim and I made it back home safely. Thank everyone for a wonderful stay and a very special wedding. The incredibly friendly staff made Qamea the most difficult place we have ever had to leave. I felt as if I was leaving friends. Thank you so much for everything."
Tina & Jim, North Carolina -December, 2004

"(From a guest check out questionnaire) What did you enjoy most about your stay with us: Outdoor shower! No Shoes! The fact that we didn't have to check in, but were immediately escorted to our bure. No time schedules. It seems we could do everything we wanted to do, whenever we wanted to do it. If we did a 2-tank dive, Ben always brought us back to the resort to give us a break inbetween tanks (perfect). Everyone is so happy and accommodating. Everyone respected our privacy. The Qamea musicians. The bures were wonderful. I could go on and on. Most relaxed we have ever been. Sea Salt & Raw Sugar Rub! Filo gives absolutely the most incredible massages we have ever had! Food was wonderful. What would you like to see improved: It would be nice if the the [Premium Villa] pool could be heated (as an option). Absolutely nothing else! Other comments: Best vacation we have ever had! Wonderful touches, like sending musicians to play at our bure while we had dinner by the beach. Taking us to our own private beach. Its touches like that that turned our life long dream into reality. Fiji and Qamea are like no place we have ever been, and we travel a lot. We knew on the first day that we will be back. Tony and I are both crying as I have been writing this."
Tony & Dawn, Booked through ATS Tours/Islands in the Sun -December, 2004

"[Email sent by former guests to Nancy Nicholson, Travel Wizard agent in Canada] Bula Nancy, You were absolutely right about Qamea! It was a trip of a lifetime. We can't thank you enough for your recommendation! Qamea was incredible. The staff so nice, the bures are wonderful, the food is delicious, the spa is fantastic and the activities are unlike anything we've ever experienced. We made several friends while we were there and enjoyed all that Qamea had to offer. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Vinaka and Mo'they"
Reston , -November, 2004

"Bula Qamea Staff, Words cannot express how amazing our 8 day honeymoon retreat at Qamea Resort & Spa was. Aside from teh exquisite cuisine, remote location, beautiful beaches, amazing dive sites, and cozy bures, the island was filled with joy and love, making our stay truly memorable. We especially enjoyed the meke and kava ceremonies as well as our guided tours through Taveuni with Sake, and spa treatments with Julie. The staff were just wonderful to be around and always eager to make our stay more enjoyable. Fiji is the perfect honeymoon getaway, and our stay at Qamea was nothing short of amazing. We thank you again for creating and maintaining paradise. We are counting the days until our next return. Until then, Vinaka and God Bless - Warm Regards"
Sophia & Joseph A, -November, 2004

"Bula Qamea, thanks for emailing us the recipes, we will try to incorporate a slice of Qamea into life here in Matarangi. The sun is shining here today, so it is making the return to 'normal' easier. Thanks for the fantastic holiday, it will be one to remember, a great spot and great people. Now to find a job and start saving...! Hope this finds you well"
Susan and Ross, New Zealand -October, 2004

"Dear Ron and Bryce, We are now in Australia with our daughter and grandsons. Now its work babysitting etc.! We are writing to let you know how much we enjoyed Qamea this time. Obviously the bures are much improved but it was the staff and your own input that made it such a pleasure to be there. For Barney in particular it was such a delight to dive with Ben. All the staff were so friendly and anxious to please but only he could have led the most informative and fun dive that Barney has ever had. Next year we will be staying in Europe because many friends will be coming for Barney's eightieth birthday party. However, if we are still capable, we will be back in 2006 circumstances permitting. With all best wishes"
Barney & Eliz, England -September, 2004

"Bula Friends on Staying at Qamea Resort & Spa is like a pure slice of heaven. Qamea resort is one of a kind, & we feel so fortunate to have found it. The staff is so warm and welcoming. As we headed to Qamea from Taveuni by boat, it felt like we were coming home when we returned this year. The bures are nestled between beautiful gardens and the bright blue sea and beach. We have taken some terrific day trips to walk along the coast line and mountainsides. It's almost too difficult to describe the beauty. You really have to experience it first hand. The Fijians are truly the happiest friendliest people we have ever met. We cherish our friendships that we have made. Qamea just totally offers you a feeling of peace and serenity and never ending happiness that you bring back home with you. The food is delicious and beautifully presented, spectacular diving and snorkeling, & like we said the staff are so warm and friendly. They make you feel so special. Massages outside by the water softly rolling in is something no one should miss. We have travelled many places in the world, but Qamea will always be like home to us. Qamea is a place that gives you a chance to re-center yourself and experience true luxury the Fijian way. So even when we have to leave Qamea, it is an annual trip that I know I just count the days for our return. Bula & Vinaka"
Susie & Harold Parker, -June, 2004

"[Email forwarded to us by the booking travel agent, Mark Cardoza]. Bula Mark, This e-mail is way over due but you have not been forgotten! Molly and I want to thank you SO much for the wonderful and perfect details that you took care of for us regarding our trip to Qamea in February. Qamea could not have been friendlier and nicer. The 2 owners made us and everyone there feel very welcomed and appreciated on a daily basis. All the workers knew our names and made a point to speak to us as much as possible. The rooms were beautifully furnished. The shower was part of our individual bungalow but was outside and a delight to be in. The food was that of a 5 star restaurant. They offered anything we wanted for breakfast and then we ordered our lunch and dinner at breakfast from a choice of 3 entrees for each. There were always lots of fruits and salads offered. Qamea Island Resort is very important to the villagers that live on the island and on Taveuni Island. We were given several opportunities to learn their culture and traditions from interacting with the adult and children living on the islands. Molly and I ended up scuba diving every day. There were only 5 of us that went scuba diving each day. Ben, the head diving master, had us go on great dives and was always very involved and concerned about our safety and education of the sea life. Upon our departure all the staff gathered while we boarding a boat to go back to Taveuni Island. EVERY connection that you made for us was right there waiting for us without an exception. Our transportation from Taveuni to Qamea was very special. It was just Molly and I. The owner picked us up at this small airport in Taveuni, drove about 20 minutes to the coast where we met a small motorboat. We met the boat at a very remote piece of beach that was next to some pineapple field and we had to step into the water to get to the boat. Coming back we met at a different spot but just as remote and in the wild. Well, it was the best vacation ever!! Molly is finishing up her semester at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Before leaving her we toured Sydney and did scuba diving at Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef. Our best diving was in Qamea Island. As a tour planner, I think you should go to Qamea. The 2 owners- I forget their names- said that you have sent several guests there and they have had only great things to say about you. The owners work extremely hard to make this a first class resort. You will love it!!!! Thank you again, Mark!! Write if you have any questions!! Best regards"
Polly O'Meara, -February, 2004

"Bula to Everone at Qamea, Jason and I are back in New York where the days are getting shorter and colder! We miss Fiji so incredibly much. We want you all to know how much we loved our honeymoon in Fiji, especially the time we spent at the Qamea Resort and Spa. The pleasure of your staff, the planned day trips and delicious food could not be compared to the other Islands we have visited in the South Pacific. We also met a few other wonderful couples who we are keeping in touch with and we all hope to plan a reunion to your island. We wish you all much happiness and we look forward to our next visit. With Love"
Tammy & Jason Haarmon, -October, 2003

"Bula Ron, May, Sake & the rest of the staff! Randee and i just wanted to thank you all for an amazing vacation/wedding/honeymoon. We had an incredible time and our wedding was everything we dreamed of. Every vacation (and wedding) has some glitches and everyone at Qamea handled them with care and respect. We loved the way the staff and guests rallied for us when the photographer could not make it. I'll be emailing a website with some of the pictures of the wedding that you helped provide. The trip was a great experience. First, we had a stress free (mostly!) time in a gorgeous tropical paradise. Second, we learned much about the islands an how genuine, kind, friendly and helpful the people are. Third, we made some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. We wouldn't hesitate for a second to come back or recommend Qamea to our friends. As a matter of fact, we wish we were still there! Thank you for making our trip so special! Vinaka! With Love"
Randee and Tony, -October, 2003

"Bula Ron, Joan, Julie, Michelle, Sia, Sake, Amelia, Dan, Sarah, Una, Ben, Loro, Mary, Matui, Fred . . . and everyone else . . . Everyone was so thoughtful and concerned with every little detail to make our [wedding] day special. I especially want to thank Sia [wedding coordinator] for doing such a great job on her first big wedding. She was great to work with and understood everything I asked about. Ron, I appreciate your following up on all my inquiries and I'm really sorry we didn't get to meet. You are doing a wonderful job with the resort and I look forward to coming back in the future to see all the changes you have in store. If anyone ever wants to talk to me about having a wedding on Qamea we would be happy to talk to them. We loved everything - the food (made us fat!!), the spa, the villages, the snorkeling and kayaking, the meke and kave ceremony, the frogs and above all the people. We are planning on sending some photos of the wedding. There are some beautiful ones of Ursula wo was absolutely adorable. I'm attaching some that Julie took with our digital camera. If Qamea will have a special place in our hearts and we can't wait to return. Vinaka"
Dianne and Tim Freeze, -January, 2003

"Bula Everybody! First of all we are sending you the biggest thank you for the most amaing holiday - we could not have dreamed of a better place to spend our honeymoon and you certainly don't make it easy to leave! You are all very special and we miss you like crazy!....we will be back!! I have attached some of the sunset photos as promised (if you want to use them for anything I can send them over on CD) Please pass on a big hello to everybody and tell michelle we are equally hopeless in the rugby stakes - we will be in touch about that at a later date!!! Take care everybody and we will keep in touch. Cheers"
Amanda and Tim, -January, 2003

"Bula! The trip to Qamea Resort was all I had hoped for and more! The only take-away was that the stay was too short! I fully intend to return for a much longer stay. Five nights was clearly not long enough. Grace and I had the test times. Thank you for your help. Do hyou have an email address for Bryce? I would like to send him a personal thank you. He was a great host and a good friend. The memories I have will last a lifetime, or until I return, which will likely be sooner than later! Thank you again for your help and patience."
Steve Forage, -January, 2003

"Bula Paul, We had such an great time at Qamea and are still longing to be there. The food was incredible, the staff were amazingly friendly and wonderful. The most relaxing vacation either of us have ever had. Overall, an amazing place - we are sure to return and tell many friends about it. Vinaka"
Marti K. Grace, -January, 2003

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