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May 2005

Beauty & Spa Therapy School Launched on Qamea
Posted: Thursday 5 May, 2005

Qamea Resort & Spa is pleased to announce the success of its new Beauty and Spa Training School, launched in late January.  The school is led by Qamea's Spa Manager, Julie Newman, and has four full time students.  The school is designed to assure that Qamea Spa has access to highly trained beauty and spa therapists in its Guinot Institut.Paris waterfront spa.  The course is an accredited certification programme, and upon successful completion in September, the students will be fully accredited.

"I am very excited to manage and teach this course on Qamea Island," said Julie Newman, " as it provides an opportunity for highly skilled training on a remote island where to date no such training has been available."  "In the first three months of study and practical training exercises, our students have mastered several massage and beauty therapy treatments, and at a faster pace than what my students in New Zealand would have attained," she said.  "I think that this is probably attributable to a long history of Fijian massage techniques and skills that have been handed down from generation to generation in Fiji."

The Qamea Spa offers an extensive menu of 47 Fijian body and French facial therapies that relax, rejuvenate, revitalize and renew the mind, body and soul.   All of Qamea's facial therapies use French Guinot Institut.Paris products, so guests can be assured of the absolute very best.






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